Top 10 World Records Set at Casinos A Look into the Most Unbelievable Feats in Gambling History
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Top 10 World Records Set at Casinos A Look into the Most Unbelievable Feats in Gambling History

Gambling has been a source of entertainment for centuries, with people trying their luck and skills to win big. Over the years, casinos have become more than just a place to wager money; they have become a symbol of luxury, extravagance, and high-stakes gambling. With the rise of online casinos, the gambling industry has seen an exponential growth, with millions of players from all over the world participating in various games.

As the popularity of gambling increased, so did the competition among players, leading to some incredible world records being set at casinos. From the largest slot machine payout to the longest poker session, casinos have witnessed some unbelievable feats that have left the world in awe. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 world records set at casinos, showcasing the amazing skills and luck of players who have made it into the record books.

1. Largest Slot Machine Payout: $39.7 million

– The Record Breaker: Jon Heywood

In 2015, a British soldier named Jon Heywood broke the record for the largest slot machine payout ever recorded. While playing the popular game Mega Moolah at Betway Casino, Heywood hit the jackpot, winning an astonishing amount of $39.7 million. The progressive jackpot had been building up for months, and Heywood’s lucky spin landed him the life-changing amount.

Heywood’s win was not only remarkable because of the staggering amount but also because he had only placed a bet of £0.25 (approximately $0.35). This record-breaking win catapulted Heywood to instant fame, and he even received a congratulatory call from Betway’s CEO. Heywood used his winnings to buy a new house, a car, and to financially support his family.

– How It Happened

Mega Moolah is a popular slot machine game known for its progressive jackpot feature. This means that a small percentage of every bet placed on the game is added to the jackpot, which keeps growing until someone hits it. The chances of hitting the jackpot are very slim, but Heywood managed to defy the odds and make history with his lucky spin.

2. Largest Slot Machine Jackpot Won by a Mobile Device: $3.84 million

– The Record Breaker: Rawiri Pou

In 2016, another record was set in the world of slot machines when Rawiri Pou won $3.84 million while playing Mega Moolah at Casinoland via his mobile device. The New Zealand man had only been playing for a few hours when he hit the jackpot, making him an instant millionaire.

Pou’s win was remarkable as it was the largest amount ever won on a mobile device, and it also highlighted the convenience and accessibility of online casinos. With more and more people turning to mobile gambling, this record is a testament to the changing landscape of the gambling industry.

– How It Happened

Much like Jon Heywood’s record-breaking win, Rawiri Pou’s victory was also due to the progressive jackpot feature of Mega Moolah. While playing on his mobile device, Pou wagered just $1.50 before hitting the life-changing jackpot. The fact that he was able to achieve this on a mobile device shows that anyone can strike it lucky at any time and from anywhere.

3. Longest Poker Session: 115 Hours

– The Record Breaker: Phil Laak

In 2010, professional poker player Phil Laak set the record for the longest continuous poker session, playing for an astounding 115 hours straight. Laak’s feat took place at Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and was overseen by Guinness World Records.

Playing poker for over 5 days straight is no easy feat, but Laak was determined to break the previous record of 72 hours. With only short breaks allowed every few hours, Laak played games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud, keeping his focus and energy levels up throughout.

– How He Did It

To achieve this incredible feat, Laak had to have a lot of mental and physical endurance. He had prepared himself with a strict diet and workout regimen, as well as practicing meditation techniques to help him stay alert and focused. His determination and skill paid off, allowing him to etch his name in the gambling history books.

4. Largest Craps Table: 14 feet

– The Record Breaker: Resorts World Genting

Located in Malaysia, Resorts World Genting holds the record for the largest craps table in the world, measuring in at an impressive 14 feet long. This casino is known for its extravagant displays and attractions, and the giant craps table is just one of them.

The table can accommodate up to 1,000 players at a time, making it a popular spot for tourists who want to try their luck at a game of craps. The table is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including live video screens and electronic dice, making it a modern twist to the classic game.

– Features of the Table

Apart from its size, the craps table at Resorts World Genting is equipped with various features that make it stand out from traditional tables. It has a built-in light display, making it visually appealing, and also allows for audio and visual effects when a point is made. The electronic dice used on the table also eliminates the need for dealers, increasing the efficiency of the game.

5. Most Expensive Casino Building: Marina Bay Sands

– The Record Breaker: Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore holds the record for being the most expensive casino building in the world, with an estimated cost of $8 billion. The luxurious integrated resort opened in 2010 and has become an iconic landmark in Singapore’s skyline.

The building boasts a massive casino, along with a hotel, convention center, shopping mall, and various entertainment venues, making it a one-stop destination for tourists. The impressive architecture and amenities have made Marina Bay Sands a must-visit attraction for anyone traveling to Singapore.

– Features of the Casino

The casino at Marina Bay Sands is spread over 160,000 square feet and offers a wide range of table games and slot machines. It also has VIP gaming rooms and private salons for high-stakes players, adding to the exclusivity and luxury of the casino. The casino is known for its strict dress code and rules, maintaining a classy and upscale atmosphere for its guests.

6. Most People Playing Roulette Simultaneously: 2,862

– The Record Breaker: Avani Hotels and Resorts

In 2019, Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel in Thailand set the world record for the most people playing roulette simultaneously, with a total of 2,862 participants. The event was organized in collaboration with Evolive Entertainment and Guinness World Records, and took place at the hotel’s grand ballroom.

Participants from all over the world gathered to be a part of this historic event, which involved playing 3 spins of roulette. The record-breaking attempt was successful, and participants were able to walk away with a special certificate from Guinness World Records as a memento.

– How the Event Was Organized

To ensure that the record-breaking attempt was conducted according to the guidelines set by Guinness World Records, the event was led by an official adjudicator. Each participant had their own electronic table, ensuring accuracy and fairness in the game. The event was also live-streamed on social media, allowing people from all over the world to witness the record being set.


The top 10 world records set at casinos showcase the incredible feats and achievements of players and casinos alike. From life-changing jackpots to record-breaking events, these moments have left a mark in gambling history, showing the endless possibilities that can be achieved in the world of gambling. With the industry constantly evolving and growing, it’s only a matter of time before we see more unbelievable records being set at casinos. It just goes to show that when it comes to gambling, anything is possible.

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